Children´s Guided City Tour

What do children see when standing in front of the "Altes Rathaus"?

They see gold, a lot of windows, the colour grey, columns, a big house, a restaurant, and a lot more. Why did people decorate their houses with gold in those days, what is the meaning of the colour grey on the façade, who used to rule in the Altes Rathaus and what are the diff erences between a mayor‘s work then and now? Why is the city hall so much bigger than other houses? We will try to answer all of these questions. The Stechbahn used to be the venue for entertainment and tournaments in the middle ages. How do we entertain ourselves today and what games can we spontaneously think of to play together on the Stechbahn?

We go on a 1-hour tour of exploration through the old city centre of Celle, looking at selected sights and making comparisons: then and now – with games, fun, excitement and excercise.

€ 75.00 for up to 25 persons,
Additional fee for foreign language: € 15.00
Suitable for children age 6 or above.

Meeting point:
Bridge in front of the Palace, Schloßplatz 1
about 1 h

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