Beyond the City Gates

Attractive Destinations for Outings

Please note that all prices quoted are for orientation only and may differ from actual prices.

Übersichtsbild Autostadt Wolfsburg.

Wolfsburg (distance 65 km)

A young and hospitable city on the Mittellankanal. Right in the city centre, embedded in a 25-hectare park and laguna landscape, is the experience world of mobility, Volkswagen's Autostadt (adults approx. €11.00). At the phaeno Science Centre (approx. €12.00), guests have many opportunities to explore the fascinating world of science and technology. Further, the designer outlets Wolfsburg (free admission) offer international fashion highlights at very attractive prices on over 12,00 m² in more than 40 brands shops. 

Hannover (distance 42 km)

Among the many visitor magnets the capital of Lower Saxony features are the Herrenhäuser Gärten (admission approx. €7.00) with the annual fireworks contest (ticket approx. €16.50) and the Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover. With ist animal habitats designed t closely copy natural environment in seven fascinating zoological garden (admission approx. €20.00)

Gifhorn - City of Mills (distance 43 km)

The beautiful town, featuring many half-timbered houses, has a population of 43,000. Its further attractions include the Internationales Mühlen-Freilichtmuseum (International Open-Air Mill Museum, admission approx. €9.00) with the affiliated Europäisches Kunsthandwerker-Institut (European Art and Crafts Institute), Russische Stabkirche (Russian Stave Church, admission approx. €2.50) and the Renaissance palace (admission approx. €1.00).

Hildesheim and Marienburg Castle (distance 65 km)

Hildesheim is famous for its churches, among them the Mariendom and St.Michaelis, both recognized as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites in 1985. A further feature attracting attention is the legendary 1,000-years rose bush growing at the Mariendom's apse. The Roemer- und Pelizaus-Museum (admission approx. €8.00) is known for its collection of ancient Egyptian items. The distance to the Marienburg (guided tour approx. €7.00, visit to the top of the tower approx. €3.50) in its slendour above the Leine valley is only about 15 km.

Weite Heidefläche, Lüneburger Heide

Lüneburger Heide - Lüneburg Heath

The Heath, heath sheep and a multitude of attractive leisure and event parks are major elements of Europe's largest event region. The Vogelpark Walsrode (bird reserve, approx. €14.00), the Heidepark in Soltau (heath park, approx €31.00), the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen (approx. €26.00) and not least the new designer outlet in Soltau (free admission) with over 60 brands are only a few of the attractive destinations. Traditionell heath experiences, such as a good ride in a horse-drawn carriage or meeting a heath shepherd are things not to miss during your evenful days on the Heath.

A place of historic signficance and a central monument of the State of Niedersachsen is the former POW and concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. Here, the memory of the victims claimed by the murderous and inhuman Nazi regime is upheld.

Towns and villages on the Heath are attractive and popular destinations for outings. The old Hanseatic city of Lüneburg (92 km) with its Deutsches Salzmuseum (German Salt Museum, admission approx. €5.00), Uelzen (55 km) with its Hunderstwasser railway station (guided tours approx. €3.50) or the famous Heath monasteries of Wienhausen (10 km, admission approx. €4.00 for Kloster Wienhausen) are only a few examples of the many attractive destinations to choose from.