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Gastgeberverzeichnis 2018

Accommodation in Celle 2018.
The brochure is available in German only

altdownload (5.8 MB)

Wining & Dining

Culinary guide for the city of Celle and Region. Restaurants, pubs, wine bars, bars, bistros and cafes. Celler specialty shops are also listed.

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Baroque meets Bauhaus

Places of interest in Celle in English. This brochure is only available as a download.

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Celle’s town centre

General information about Celle. Map in English.

altdownload (377 kB)

Celles indre by

En gåtur gennem den gamle bydel. City Map in Danish language.

altdownload (1.2 MB)

Kaart voor Celle

Tips en informatie over Celle in nederlands. City map in Dutch language.

altdownload (1.2 MB)

Karta över Celle

Tips och information om Celle på svenska. City Map in Swedish language.

altdownload (181 kB)

Carte de Celle

Conseils et informations sur Celle en français. City Map in French language.

altdownload (181 kB)

Mapa de Celle

Consejos y Informaciones de sobre Celle en Español. City Map in Spanish language.

altdownload (182 kB)

Mappa di Celle

Consigli e informazioni su Celle in italiano. City map in Italian language

altdownload (180 kB)

Mapa Celle

Koncówki i informacje o miejscowosci Celle, w jezyku polskim.
City map in Polish language.

altdownload (184 kB)

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