Terms of use for the images of the CTM GmbH

  1. All images displayed on the web site of the Celle Tourismus und Marketing GmbH (CTM) are subject to copyright.
  2. The CTM allows the reproduction, publication and duplication of their images in the press and in similar publications exclusively for tourism advertising. Only images featuring travel destinations, tourist sights and tourist offers in Celle and the Celle Region are allowed to be used.
  3. The use of images as described above requires permission from the CTM. This must be applied for from the CTM prior to any reproduction, publication or duplication.
  4. The use of images in digital media – as defined in Clause 3 – also requires prior permission from the CTM and has to be applied for from the CTM.
  5. The use of images in commercial products of publishing companies or in similar publications intended for sale is not allowed.
  6. If images are required for private use or are not to be used for advertising the town of Celle and the Celle Region via the CTM, you may inquire about the right of use and possibly acquire it. Please contact the CTM.
  7. The user must not confer the rights granted to him to a third party. Under no circumstances must he pass on the images (neither as print-outs, copies, data nor on CD-ROM) or offer them to be used or distributed online.
  8. The user is required to indicate the source of the image or copyright holder (copyright: Celle Tourismus und Marketing GmbH, © CTM).
  9. Fundamental modification of the images through montage of any kind is not permitted without prior consent from the CTM.
  10. Upon completion of the modification the user is required to forward at his own expense two copies to the CTM, or, when used on the Internet, to notify the CTM of the web site’s address.
  11. The CTM GmbH reserves the right to revoke the right of use as permitted for particular reasons. In such cases, the user must not carry out further reproductions, publications or duplications. Finished products - however – may continue to be sold provided they are in compliance with the agreement made with the CTM
  12. In the event of a violation of the agreement, the CTM may demand that the user withdraws his products, including any permanent display of the images, at his own expense or either corrects them or stops distribution entirely. In this case the CTM reserves the right to claim compensation.
  13. In the event that the images have been used for non-agreed purposes, the CTM is entitled to a fee determined by the current market rate. The CTM also reserves the right to claim damages.
  14. The data supplied have been established to the best of our knowledge. Nevertheless neither the publisher nor the producer can undertake liability for any errors within the data or from any resulting system errors.

© Celle Tourismus und Marketing GmbH