Trail of Exploration

Crude oil, natural gas and geothermal energy

Into the depth with hi-tech from Celle Celle is the European centre for the crude oil, natural gas and geothermal heat industry. More than 50 companies, some of them international, employ approx. 4,500 people and cover all elements of value creation. This includes but is not limited to research and development, education, training and qualification, product development and plant engineering for surface and underground equipment as well as logistics and appurtenant services.

Have a look at the exhibits along this trail of exploration and discover the opportunities for geothermal heat utilization in the exhibition area of Bohrmeisterschule Celle.


The trail of exploration for crude oil, natural gas and geothermal heat has been set up by the City of Celle, the GeoEnergy Celle e.V. association, Bohrmeisterschule Celle, and by Deutsches Erdöl- und Erdgasmuseum (German Crude Oil and Natural Gas Museum) in Wietze.

The exhibits have been made available by companies from Celle.

The discovery trail is located in Triftanlage / corner Breite Straße.

Well head

This product is used to close the wellbore and thecasing string suspended in the well. The flanges on the sides are the inlets and outlets of the various annular spaces which have different functions.

The exhibit was provided by Hartmann Valves & Wellheads GmbH, Celle.

Drilling Bit

For exploration of reservoirs of crude oil and natural gas or for the production of geothermal energy from warm water in deep rock layers, deep drilling of often several kilometres into the depth is necessary. The reservoirs are deep in the ground and access goes through hard rock formations. For thi, drilling rods in a rig are put into rotation by means of an electric or diesel motor. The most important tool is the drill bit, which is screwed at the lower bottom of the drilling rods.

The exhibts were provided by Smith International Deutschland GmbH.

Drill cores

A three-column model. This exhibit was provided by Celler Brunnenbau GmbH, Celle.

Drill string

Apart from a deep drilling rig, a drill string is one of the key technical components for ensuring the success of a well. A drill string basically consists of a drilling tool, i.e., a drill bit, a meas-uring and control unit, drill collars and drill pipes.

This exhibit was provided by ITAG Tiefbohr GmbH, Celle and Baker Hughes INTEQ GmbH, Celle.

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