Hoppener House

The best-known half-timbered house in Celle.

The Hoppener House, built in 1532, stands in Poststraße, corner Rundestraße.

It is the most magnificent amongst the half-timbered houses in the Old Town.
Six staggered storeys protrude over one another in the gable.

Setting thresholds, pillars and dedendum angle lumbers above the two lower storeys display rich figure ornamentation depicting not only persons of rank but also gods of the planets, diabolical and foolish figures, mythical creatures, grotesque faces and reptiles, in between bust portraits which most likely characterise the various classes of society.

In the gable only the joists bear massive carvings.
The joists in the eave display embellishment
The portrait of Duke Ernest the Confessor was only added after 1901.

Directly in front of the house a historical fountain (Pipenposten) displaying a heraldic lion can be found, one of three non-potable water fountains of the 16th-century water supply system.