Albrecht Thaer Memorial

The pioneer of agronomy!

The marble figure of Albrecht Thaer standing on a red sandstone plinth was donated by the Celle Agricultural Branch Association and was erected in the Trift Park in 1873 to commemorate the 45th anniversary of his death.

The plinth bears the inscription: TO THE FOUNDER OF SCIENTIFIC FARMING

It was created by the sculptor Ferdinand Hartzer from Celle. The memorial, technically and artistically on a high level, is a good example of late classicism where style is not determined by distant outer-worldliness but rather related to reality.
Lively in its formal presentation it shows the great scientist Thaer holding in one hand a plough revealing practical relevance and raising the other hand in a teaching gesture. In 1960 the memorial was moved for traffic reasons to the Palace Park. In 1998 it was located in its current position in the Thaerplatz.

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