Caroline Mathilde Memorial

In memory of Queen Caroline Mathilde

of Denmark who died in Celle the Knighthood and the Estates in 1784 had this memorial erected in the French Garden, not far from the “little palace”. It was created by the eminent painter and sculptor Adam Friedrich Oeser, the director of the “Zeichnungs-, Mahlerey-, und Architektur-Academie” in Leipzig.

Caroline Mathilde Denkmal.

The memorial depicts an allegoric image. An urn ornamented with the image of the Queen stands on a round plinth. A female character resting on clouds crowns the container with a laurel wreath and palm leaves, the two symbols of virtue and glory. These symbolise the Queen’s innocence in respect to the defamation of her character. The mother and her children symbolise the love of the Hanoverian people for the Queen exiled to Celle. The memorial bears the following inscription:

CAROL(ina) MATH(ildis) DAN(iae) ET NORWEG(iae) REG(ina) NAT(a) D(ies) XXII. JUL. MDCCLI, DEN(ata) D(ies) X. MAI MDCCLXXV.

O(rdo) E(questris) L(uneburgensis) P(oni) C(uravit).

(Caroline Mathilde, Queen of Denmark and Norway, born on 22 July 1751, died on 10 May 1775. The Lüneburg Knighthood had this memorial erected)