Stolpersteine (memorial stones) (Gunter Demnig)

Memorial plaques on pavements

The artist commemorates the victims of the NS era by laying memorial plaques, “Stolpersteine”, covered with a sheet of brass, into the pavement outside their last private residence.

These memorial stones can be found in 700 towns all over Germany and Europe – also in Celle.

The memorial stones depicted in the photos above can be found in front of the following houses:

  • Markt 2, Paula Ems, née Rosenthal, born 1867, died 12 March 1944 in Theresienstadt concentration camp t
  • Markt 2, Leonie Hirschfeld, née Ems, born 1896, missing in Auschwitz concentration camp
  • Markt 6, Emilie Erbse, née Cussel, born 1877, deported 1941, murdered in Riga
  • Markt 6, Gretchen Zerkowksi, née Cussel, born 1887, deported 1942, died in Piaski (???)
  • Markt 6, Alfred Cussel, born 1881, disenfranchised, died 14 April 1941