Celle Art Museum

with Robert Simon Collection

The world's first 24-hour art museum, this museum exhibts modern and contemporary art from the Robert Simon Collection.

As the world’s first 24-hour art museum, the Art Museum Celle offers encounters with modern and contemporary art from the Robert Simon Collection and in changing temporary exhibitions during the day and at night. 24-Hour Art Museum means that there is something to be discovered around the clock. During the day, paintings, prints, sculptures, light and object art are on display—very classically—indoors. The museum is closed at night, but it is nevertheless still worth visiting. Light art takes the reins on and behind the glass façade, letting the building become a beacon of light.

The Robert Simon Collection spans the many decades between the nineteen-twenties and the present. A large part of the museum’s holdings of paintings, prints, sculptures, light and object art are on display during the day—very classically—indoors. Works by Dieter Krieg, Timm Ulrichs, Ben Willikens and Peter Basseler as well as professors and graduates of Lower Saxony’s outstanding University of Art in Braunschweig are prominently featured in the collection. The museum furthermore possesses a comprehensive collection of multiples by Joseph Beuys. One of the most extraordinary exhibits in the museum is the “Light Room” conceived especially for Celle by the ZERO artist Otto Piene. “New Objectivity” is a further focal point of the Robert Simon Collection with its holdings of paintings and drawings by the Hannover artists Grethe Jürgens and Erich Wegner.

The museum is closed at night, but it is nevertheless still worth visiting. Light art takes the reins on and behind the glass façade at nighttime, letting the building become a beacon of light. In the nocturnal light art parcour around the building as well, Otto Piene’s light frieze “ZONE ZERO” and his monumental pair of sculptures “Fireworks for Celle” represent two very special attractions. Further light art highlights include works by Brigitte Kowanz, Mischa Kuball, Albert Hien, Klaus Geldmacher, Francesco Mariotti, Vollrad Kutscher, Leonardo Mosso and Jan van Munster. Beginning at twilight, the glass cube of the museum’s entrance foyer starts glowing brightly, changing its luminous color every hour on the hour. The collection that has developed over the course of four decades is continuously networking and growing in new directions without heed to artistic trends and featuring a rich program of special exhibitions, art performances and actions, theatrical events, readings, concerts, lectures, gallery talks and workshops.


The Art Museum with the Robert Simon Collection offers children, adolescents, adults and group a wide range of possibilities to come in contact with art.

A guided tour for the public on the collection or the changing temporary exhibitions takes place every Sunday morning at 11 o’clock. The museum likewise offers group tours that can booked in accordance with your individual interests for the house’s daytime and well as nighttime part.

Circle of Friends

In times of meager public funding, the cultural activities of a region lives from the commitment of its populace. The Art Museum relies heavily on the private initiative of enthusiastic friends of art and culture. With your contributions, you will be supporting the growth of the museum’s collection and well as the realization of special exhibitions and art actions. In return, we offer our friends a wide variety of exciting (cultural) experiences. The Circle of Friends gets together many times year for exclusive guided tours, lectures and gallery talks and also undertakes an annual art tour to important events, places, and institutions of the present-day art scene.

Would you like to join in? We cordially invite you to become a member!

Art Museum Celle
with Robert Simon Collection
Schloßplatz 7
D-29221 Celle

Tel.: + 49 5141 121030
Fax: + 49 5141 121093

In the museum/collection and special exhibitons
Tue - Sun 11am - 5pm 

24th, 25th, and 31st of Dec.: closed
26th of Dec.: 11 am - 5 pm
1st of January: 11 pm - 5 pm
good friday: 1pm - 4pm
Easter Sunday/Monday: 11am - 5pm
Whit Sunday/Monday: 11am - 5pm

Outside Daily/international light art
Every evening between 5 pm and 10 am, every full hour for several minutes the light of the foyer cube changes its color from red, to orange, to gold, to blue to violet.

Adults: €8.00
Reduced: € 5.00
(groups from 5 persons, students, voluntary member/card)

Combined ticket: €12.00
(Residence, Bomann and Art Museum, valid for two consecutive days)
combined ticket reduced: 8,00 €

All people up to the age of 18 and pupils: free entry.

Free entrance for the following members:
Freundeskreis Kunstmuseum Celle mit Sammlung Robert Simon, Museumsverein Celle e.V., Museumsverband Niedersachsen und Bremen e.V., Deutscher Museumsbund, ICOM, VDR, Bundesverband der Gästeführer in Deutschland e.V.



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