Residence Museum in the Celle Palace

princely living, brought to life!

Celle is one of the most important residence cities in the state of Lower Saxony. For almost three centuries it was the permanent residence of the dukes of Brunswick-Lüneburg and therefore the seat of government in the most significant Guelphs principality.

The Palace, surrounded by idyllic half-timbered houses, still bears traces of its time as a medieval seat of power, as a baroque residence until 1705, and as a summer residence for the kings of Hanover in the 19th century.

Come to the Residence Museum and experience history through our modern displays about the castle and those who lived here, and get to know the oldest surviving European royal family, the Guelphs.

Celle is a good example demonstrating the typical development of a residence. The different sections of the exhibition take visitors on a journey through time – filling a late medieval banqueting hall with life, for example.
The baroque state apartments of the last duke of Celle, Duke George William, contain some magnificent plasterwork illustrating a zenith in architectural development. Discover more through the numerous information points. Alternatively, simply enjoy the beauty and elegance of the rooms in the castle and the charm of the many and varied exhibits on display here. Wonderful paintings and costly furnishings lend the rooms an authentic atmosphere and give visitors a taste of court life. The “Königssaal” (King’s Hall) presents impressive pictures and a selection of valuable items from the period of personal union between Britain and Hanover, and the kingdom of Hanover in the 18th and 19th centuries.

A special “cabinet” is dedicated to around 30 silver objects made in the 18th and 19th centuries by Celle master craftsmen belonging to the guild of gold and silversmiths.

The Celle Palace Chapel is one of the most important examples of Renaissance art in Northern Germany.

The Palace Chapel and the Palace kitchen can be visited only during a guided tour.

Residence Museum Celle
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D-29221 Celle

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Tour of the Residence Museum without guide:

  • Tuesday–Sunday
  • May - Oct. & 1st - 3rd advent weekend: 10am-5pm
  • November - April: 11am-4pm

Foreign language guided tours can be arranged. We advise to do so a few days in advance for availability reasons.

Information about accessibility:

Wheelchair user, people with impaired hearing, elderly people,
people with learning difficulties, families, people with walking difficulties
Advice: Access to the museum shop via three steps, lift available

Adults: €8.00
Discounted: €5.00
(for groups from 5 persons, students, 1 hour before closing hour, severely disabled - marked B)
Children up to 14 years and pupils: free entry

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