LICHTART Celle: "Talking lamps"

Five talented lamp posts have ganged up...

to tell visitors exciting, funny and informative tales about life in Celle. Visitors and local residents alike can listen to stories about the former ducal residence and its aristocratic occupants.

The concept was jointly shared by the planning office Schiminski, Schmitz and Partner (SSP), the town administration and the Celle Tourismus und Marketing GmbH (CTM) while working on the LICHTART Celle project. Sponsorship by companies in Celle and additional funds helped put the concept into practice.

And this is how it works: When a pedestrian moves into the centre of the five lamp posts an ultrasound sensor is activated and controlled by a computer. Each lamp post is equipped with a loudspeaker.

Not only acoustically, but also visually this art concept is unrivalled. The lantern "family" consists of a grandma called "Lilo" spoken by Lilo Wanders who was born in Celle. Her little grandson's name is "Jonas" spoken by a boy from Celle, Jonas Pache-Brunsch who in a voice casting defeated his contestants. Jonas has three uncles. There is "Know-it-all" Stephan spoken by Stephan Westphal from NDR 2, followed by Oliver Vollmering from SAT.1 who impersonates "Beanpole" Olli, and Gerlach Fiedler (known as the "Cookie monster" in Sesame Street) who lends the slightly stocky lamp post - the "fat one" - his voice.

During the day short stories are told, but in the evening the computer switches to brief welcomes. So passers-by can hear a little goodnight song or directions for the quickest way to the cinema.

Lamp post talking hours:


10 am - 1 pm and
3 pm - 6.30 pm

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