Celler Wochenmarkt (Celle's twice-weekly market)

Treat yourself and your senses!

Discover the variety of Celle's twice-weekly market in the historical Old Town against the backdrop of half-timbered houses.

Stretching from the Old Town Hall in the Markt through the Stechbahn by the town church of St. Mary to the Schloßplatz, the market attracts customers twice a week with seasonal delicacies of the region sold from its stalls and market wagons.

Market life goes back about 700 years when more and more traders began supplying the people of Celle with regionally grown produce. Since then the twice-weekly market amidst the historical flair of the Old Town and against the backdrop of the Palace has been a local attraction.

The variety of produce on offer which comes from regional farmyards, bakers, butchers and cheesemongers caters for every family’s taste buds whether they prefer modern or traditional cuisine. Fresh fruit, vegetables, specialities from farmers including beef, pork and poultry as well as fish and apiculture products plus many other products are found here. The wealth of flowers sold by other traders adds to the market ambiance and also tempts one to buy decorative articles for the home or the garden.

Market visitors know exactly here they can buy the the freshest of produce and the best quality which they cannot get in a supermarket, such as ecological produce from organic farmers who base their agriculture on eco-friendly methods. More and more customers want to buy food for the family that is organically produced.

At the twice-weekly market one can sample and enjoy, choose and buy and stroll at a leisurely pace to one's heart's content. Typical Celle chit-chat can also be picked up. The market feeling is unique due to the traders with their individual characters, some a little dry-witted, others very open and friendly. All in all one feels well taken care of. Naturally in this market atmosphere there is always the chance of a snack. A piece of apple or a whole pear is offered for tasting, in the winter it can be a mandarine - all this adds to the market feeling.

Not to forget the excellent asparagus for which this region is well known. Between May and the end of June it attracts many visitors to Celle. Not for no reason is asparagus celebrated as the king's choice amongst the vegetables. Incomparably tender, it almost melts in the mouth and brings pleasure to gourmet hearts.

Regional herbs, specialities from Mediterranean countries, such as Italian ham, olives, pasta and many other produce from those sunny regions, round off the tasty offers.

The Celle twice-weekly market, located amongst listed half-timbered houses, is always worth a visit.

Summer (1 April to 31 October):
every Wednesday and Saturday
7am - 1.30pm

Winter (1 November to 31 March):
every Wednesday and Saturday
8am - 1.30pm

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