ExCELLEnt specialities

Specialities are the culinary ambassadors of a region.

The heathland sheep is the best example. Its tender, lean meat can be prepared in many ways. Restaurants which offer heathland sheep dishes can be recognized by the quality seal of the Association of Lüneburg Heathland Sheep Breeders.
Celle, however, has more to offer.

Here are a few examples:

belongs to the knotweed family. It grows on dry, sandy soil, is frugal, grows fast and does not like frost. It’s at its best when served as a buckwheat pancake or a buckwheat cake.

Celler Gekochte
Boiled pork sausage. It is heated, cut in thick slices and often served with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.

Celler Rohe Roulade
Very thinly cut beef, filled with mustard, bacon and onions, rolled to form a small beef olive and served with a pickled gurkin. Trying it out is a must!

Georg Wilhelm Likör
A mild sea-buckthorn liqueur which was very popular during the times of Celle's last duke George William.

Heath trout
Fresh trout filets from a smokery, served on a salad - one of the many ways of preparing Heath trout.

Heathland sheep
The grey horned heathland sheep is a mixed woollen country sheep. Its tender, lean and dark meat can be savoured as a roast or as a goulash and also as bacon, salami or cooked mettwurst sausage.

Heath honey
Aroma: rough to acidic Colour: reddish-brown to yellow. Heath honey is best served on bread, in tea or as a Heath honey parfait.

A mild, yellow-golden herb liqueur. Alcohol content: 50%

A typical butter shortbread from the region.

Huth's Kaffee
Celle's traditional coffee roaster. For more than 100 years the finest highland beans of different provenance have been roasted here daily. And what is special: The beans are gently roasted in small amounts at a maximum temperature of 200 degree Celsius so that the fine aromas can fully develop.

Cranberries are not only enjoyable in desserts such as the buckwheat pancake, but also as an accompaniment to savoury dishes such as game dishes. Cranberries also strengthen the immune system.

This noble vegetable can be served with Heath cottage ham, potatoes and runny butter as well as with a tender piece of meat or as a soup. Asparagus grows especially well on the loose sandy soil of the South Heath.

A sharp, dark-coloured herb liqueur. Alcohol content: 58%

White-yellow dessert made from boiled-down milk and zabaglione sauce. The colours are a reminder of the noble dynasty of the Guelphs.