The Dinosaur Park

A journey back into the time: "When Dinosaurs ruled the World!" More than 220 life-sized PRIMEVAL GIANTS expect your visit!

If you are looking for a safe & fun environment to enhance your children´s learning, then the DINO PARK is the best place to go! More than 220 life sized dinosaur reconstructions, up to 148ft long, transform your visit into a unique experience! On the 1,6 miles circuit-trail you will explore the evolution of the gigantic dinosaurs up to their extinction. Hereafter you are walking with mammoths & saber-toothed-cats! The DINO PARK offers an exciting action-packed day for all ages!

The Natural Monument "Dinosaur Tracks":

The Natural Monument "Dinosaur Tracks" protects and exposes more than 250 fossilized Dinosaur-Tracks in situ, which prove that various kinds of Dinosaurs lived here in the Cretaceous period, 140 million years ago. Since 2004 we discover and excavate new Dinosaur-Tracks in the Münchehagen sandstone quarry. Visit the large protection hall and get in touch with this unique Dinosaur-Tracksite.

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