The grand heathland tour

The most charming heathland of the South Heath!

The grand Heath tour connects the most charming areas of the nature park South Heath with each other.

The tour is 39 km long and begins at the bikers’ car park by the Misselhorn Heath near Hermannsburg (along the K17 from the direction of Hermannsburg towards Unterlüß) The tour can also be started in Müden (Örtze), Faßberg, Weesen or Lutterloh. Additional information about the nature and the region can be found at many bikers’ car parks in the nature park. As the heathland no longer extends to the horizon as it did in the 19th century, the most charming heathland areas have been chosen for this tour. Those who would like to explore the heathland in depth, can always turn onto the small paths through the Heath, but occasionally one may have to push the bicycle through the heathland sand.

Tourist Information
Am Markt 3
D- 29320 Hermannsburg
Ph: +49 5052 6547
Fax: +49 5052 6549