Long-distance walking trail E1 in the Celle region

The long-distance walking trail runs from the North Sea via Lake Constance to the Mediterranean. In the region of Celle the trail takes you from Wietzendorf to Gut Rixförde near Hambühren. You hike through the South Heath Nature Park with its wonderful heathland, crystal-clear heathland streams, remote moors and extensive forests. Discover the former ducal town of Celle with its half-timbered houses and its charming flair.

From Wietzendorf, the E1 runs across the ‚Häteler Berg’ and the ‚Wietzer Gehege’ to the ‚Wietzer Berg’ with the ‚Lönsstein’ (Löns memorial stone). The view from here over the heathland is breathtaking, particularly when the Heath is in full bloom and radiates in shades of purple. Continue past the ‘Tilly-Linde’ (‘Tilly limetree’) until you reach the charming Heath village of Müden (Örtze). From the youth hostel carry on walking through the Örtze Valley to Hermannsburg, then, still heading south, from Misselhorn to Hiesterhof. On this section we recommend a short detour to the wonderful heathland of the ‘Tiefental’. Just stroll on the circular walk and take in the landscape. Carrying on south you cross the L 281 and pass ‘Angelbecksbusch’ with its memorial stone commemorating a devastating forest fire. Take a break on the benches by the ponds or carry on hiking to Dehningshof where you can stop for refreshments at the restaurant ‘Zur Alten Fuhrmanns-Schänke’. Passing the heathland near Severloh and crossing the ‘Citronenberg’ you reach the ponds near Wildeck. Then carry on via ‘Forsthaus Kohlenbach’ and the ‘Garßener Holz’. From the military training area traversed by heathland the route continues to Scheuen. Crossing the glider airfield continue in the direction of Vorwerk. You pass the Orchid Centre and then reach the youth hostel in the Klein Hehlen area of Celle. Using the ‘Wilhelm-Heinichen-Ring’ now cross the River Aller, then carry on through the ‘Neustädter Holz’ to Hambühren. Near the Fuhse Canal and the restaurant ‘Unterm Vogelbaum’ cross the B 214 and carry on walking until you reach the ‘Gut Rixförde’ where you leave the region of Celle. Now continue the trail via Fuhrberg and Wedemark to reach the Steinhude Lake.

 The route is signposted. The long-distance walking trail is signposted by the ‘Deutsche Alpenverein’. Pictogram E1.

 A 7, exit 45 Soltau-Süd, onto the B 214 direction of Soltau, Celle, Bergen, at B 3 turn right and follow signposts to Wietzendorf.

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