South Heath Nature Park

Experience nature from close up and forget everyday life!

Some kilometres north of Celle begins the nature park South Heath. Where some centuries ago barren heathland allowed an unhindered view right to the horizon, visitors nowadays see a varied landscape stretching over 480 and featuring extended forests which are some of the largest in Lower Saxony and include pockets of heathland, moors / fens and stream / brook valleys ?? with crystal-clear streams

The nature park South Heath derives its subsoil and form, as does the entire Lüneburg Heath, from the Ice Ages when enormous powers of ice, water and wind shaped the relief and distributed the material for the soils. Hardly anything grew on the mostly sandy soil and the area remained scarcely populated.

Nowadays place like Hermannsburg, Müden and Faßberg, Unterlüß and Eschede can be found in the nature apark. The tranquillity and remoteness of the landscape however holds an advantage for rare and shy animals.People seeking recreation also enjoy the tranquillity: hiking, biking or horse riding on networks of well signposted pathways as well as canoe trips on the River Örtze allow them to experience nature from close up and to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The heathland areas which gave the nature park its name are attractive not only during the blossoming season but also in the autumn and winter. On misty days and when covered in hoar frost they also impress with a certain melancholic beauty. Many a poet and painter were inspired by the Heath.

Old heathland farmyards under huge oak trees still exist. Especially in Schmarbeck, Müden (Örtze), Oldendorf, Eversen and Marwede visitors come across traces from centuries long gone. Typical heathland churches can be found in Müden (Örtze) and in Eldingen.

Those who return from trips hungry find a variety of gastronomy offering regional and seasonal dishes.

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