Raise the Curtain & Clear the Stage

for the Baroque Theatre in Celle Palace

Celle Palace Theatre

baroque - modern - cosmopolitan

The Celle Palace Theatre is really something very special.
In the first instance, it is a lively theatre with a wonderful historical performance hall on the second floor of the Celle Guelph Palace.  Duke George William decided to have a theatre built here in around 1675.  It is one of the oldest theatres in Europe still in use.  Its baroque appearance dates from the 1770s, but today it is equipped with modern equipment and modern stage technology.


4 Stages – 1 Theatre

Celle Palace Theatre Audience Rows
© Schlosstheater Celle: Jochen Quast

The Palace Theatre is steeped in history but it is actually much more than just an historical location, because it contains four working stages: in addition to the main stage on the second floor, there are the two studio stages on the ground floor of the Palace - Malersaal and Turmbühne – plus, approximately 1,500 metres away, the HALLE 19, on the site of the former Cambridge Dragoons barracks. In summer, the Palace courtyard also becomes a stage and backdrop for the open-air theatre. The permanent cast of 17 actors plays on five stages.

During the CoVid19 pandemic, however, the two studio stages will be temporarily closed.

More than 400 Performances...

Celle Palace Theatre in the courtyard
© Schlosstheater Celle

... bring the theatre to the stage, from children's theatre to youth plays to musicals, classics of theatrical literature and contemporary pieces. On almost every evening you can watch at least one play, from light-hearted comedy to observations of current times, the programme offers good entertainment for almost every mood and every taste.


Community Involvement is Required

The Palace Theatre is a symbol of community involvement in the town and surrounding region, because it was re-established in 1948 as an Association by the residents of Celle. This Theatre Association, on whose board the town, the district and the state government are represented, is responsible for the theatre to this day. Anyone can become a member of the Association and help shape the theatre.  Just something else that makes Celle Palace Theatre extraordinary.

 In keeping with a community theatre, the Palace Theatre not only incorporates local material, but also offers many opportunities for people to contribute, from the community stage and the drama clubs to comprehensive participation with the aforementioned Theatre Association and for children and adults to get really involved and so carry the Theatre into the future. 


for Theatre Visitors

Opening Times of the
Theatre Booking Office:

Monday-Friday: 9:00 - 17:00 hours
Saturday: 10:00 – 13:00 hours

Theatre Booking Office:
Schuhstraße 46
29221 Celle
Tel.: +49 5141 905 08-75/76
Fax: +49 5141 9 05 08-77

Tickets are also available at the Ticket Shop in the Celle Tourist Information Office!


The theatre restaurant "Celle Schlosskönig" is open on performance evenings.