Celle is

the first sustainable town in North Germany

Sustainable Celle

A smaller town holiday with far-sighted vision

In January 2017, Celle was the first city in northern Germany to be certified as a sustainable destination. With the re-certification in 2020, we would like to continue to express to all guests, residents and partners that sustainable tourism is a matter close to our hearts. As a "sustainable travel destination" we are committed to constantly improving ourselves in the areas of environmental protection, working conditions, customer information and fair business relationships and to take responsibility for the future..

Celle, with its imposing half-timbered buildings and the surrounding region of unique heathlands and river landscapes, is a sustainable travel experience.

© Fotostudio Loeper, Celle

This is what makes Celle Sustainable

  • Celle has had a sustainability council since 2016. Its role is to plan and implement the further development of our goals and processes.

  • As a sustainable destination, we are committed to buying regional products. Through this, we actively avoid long-haul transportation and support local products and producers.

  • We are committed to the preservation of our unique, listed half-timbered houses and buildings. These shape the image and character of the city.

  • Our heathland, river meadows, the moors and forests are part of the regional identity. We want to protect and preserve them.

  • For us, sustainability is an ongoing process. That is why we are constantly further developing our products and services.

We live sustainability

The path to sustainability is an exciting, wonderful and not always easy process. Partners and hosts in Celle have been deeply committed to sustainability for many years now - each in their own way. Let us inspire you with stories on how we embarked on the path to becoming the town that lives sustainability and responsibility and continues to improve, step by step.

What does sustainable Tourism mean for Celle?

Ecological, social, economic

A meal prepared with regional ingredients

These are the three pillars for sustainable holidays, as well as sustainable living and working in Celle.

As a tourism organisation in Celle, we have set ourselves ambitious goals.  Alone, perhaps these might seem unreachable. However, sustainability has long been practiced by local companies such as the Celle Badeland and the Celle Congress Union. Over time, more and more companies committed to working with us, towards a sustainable way of life and business. Our partners are all different and each implements the pillars of sustainability in a different way.   While these goals may not always be immediately recognisable from the outside, the principles are lived from within, at the heart of each company.

For us, ecological sustainability means protecting natural resources and the environment. It is about the conscious use of water, energy and raw materials. As a tourism organisation, we have had all of our print products printed in a climate-neutral manner since 2016. When it comes to materials, we only use paper from sustainable forestry. Taking this further, all partners are gradually switching over to LED technology for the lighting.Not only does this consume significantly less energy, but it has a positive impact on the economic sustainability of the companies, saving money both in the  medium and long term, too.

Alongside the satisfaction of our guests, the residents of Celle and employees, inclusivity is extremely important to us. A prime example is the Hotel Blumlage, which focuses on maintaining and creating accessible new jobs within the hotel industry.

The advantages of

Sustainable Travel

  • You enjoy a high quality in sustainably certified companies

  • Regional and seasonal cuisine offers you an unmistakable and unique taste experience

  • Satisfied employees offer everyone a high quality of service

  • Climate-friendly and comfortable travel by train and long-distance bus saves resources and the environment

  • Travelling to Celle is travel without a guilty conscience

  • Buying regional products directly from producers or at weekly markets characterises the holiday experience in this unique atmosphere.
    Leisurely strolling and shopping at owner-managed shops shows you the individuality of Celle.

  • Leisure activities, sightseeing and excursions that are either no-CO2 or low-CO2, on foot, by horse-drawn carriage, electric train, bicycle, paddle boat, scooter or e-bike, all contribute significantly to your well-being.