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The team of experienced and qualified Palace guides from Celle’s Guild of Tour Guides bring this beautiful Ducal Palace to life with warmth and charm. Whether you want to take part in a public guided tour or incorporate the Palace as part of a costumed or themed tour, we will be happy to provide the right type of tour for you.

Group tours of Celle Palace

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Guided tours in the residence museum
Guided tours in the Celle Palace Museum

The history of Celle is deeply connected to the history of the residents of the Celle Palace.

Whoever wants to delve into this exciting and hugely varied period of history should without doubt visit the Residence Museum.
Here, through a modern re-enactment, you can experience the history of the Palace and its inhabitants and learn more about the oldest princely house in Europe that still exists today: the Guelphs. The Residence Museum can be explored independently or as part of a public tour.

Book an exciting and lively guided tour of the palace. Here the visitor will gain interesting insights into Baroque court life and the customs and traditions of the respective personalities at the court, such as Caroline Mathilde, Sophie Dorothea or King Georg V of Hanover.

Please note that the historically important and unique Palace Chapel, the Palace Theatre (subject to availability) and the Palace Kitchens can only be shown as part of a guided tour.

Group tours

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Order an individual costumed tour, a classic Palace tour, a themed tour or a Palace tour in a foreign language.

Group price for an approx. 60 minute Palace tour:

  • 28.00 € fee for the tour guide plus reduced group admission of 7.00 € p. p.
  • There is no minimum number of participants.

Group price for approx. 90 minutes castle tour:

  • 40.00 € fee for the tour guide plus reduced group admission of 7.00 € p. p.
  • There is no minimum number of participants.

The following surcharges apply:

  • Themed Palace Tour: € 15.00 per group
  • Costumed Tours (1 guide): € 20.00 per group
  • Costumed Tours (2 guides): € 40.00 per group
  • Foreign language surcharge: 15,00 € per group
    (Classic Palace Tour bookable in the languages: German, English, Danish, French, Dutch, Russian)

Note: We would like to point out that the maximum group size per tour guide is 25 people. For larger groups, please book additional guides.

Payment: Please pay the tour guide fee in cash directly to the tour guide on site. Please pay the group entrance fee of € 7.00 per person directly at the cash desk at the castle counter. If you do not have the opportunity to do so, we will be happy to send you the invoices for the tour guide fee and the group entrance fee afterwards.

Cancellations: If you cancel on the actual day of the tour, you will be charged the full fee for any booked group or tour guide.

  • How to contact our Tour Guide Service:
    Markt 14-16
    29221 Celle
    Tel.: +49 5141 124141

  • Individual guests can take part in a public guided tour of the castle in German without registering.
    For individual appointment requests from groups for specific tours, please use the request form. You have the choice between a costumed tour, a themed tour or a children's tour.

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