Cycling in Celle

A Paradise for Cycling and Nature Enthusiasts

There is a well-developed network of more than 1,000 kilometres of cycle routes in and around Celle.   A highlight is the Aller cycle route, which connects the Weser and Elbe for almost 330 kilometres.  Along the way, Celle is one of the main points of the route – it can be your starting point or a designated stage along the route. Exactly as you please.  Or you can plan day tours through the Southern Heath Nature Park. Whatever you decide, you'll enjoy it.


Frequently Asked Questions about Cycling in Celle

Where can I hire a bike?
Where can I hire an e-bike/Peledec?
Where can I store my bags/posessions?
Where can I inflate my tyres?

Right in front of the Old Town Hall in the centre of Celle, there is a cycle pump which can be used free of charge. There is also another public air pump available at the Südwall multi-storey car park, diagonally across from Café Müller, as well as at the Celle train station (near the two-level cycle rack, at the front of the station).

Where can I charge the battery on my e-bike?
  • You will find lockers with charging stations at the Südwall multi-storey car park in Celle. The lockers are in different places; there is one right at the entrance to the car park. There are XXL size lockers where the footpath and cycle path meet between Magnusstraße and the "Liebesbrücke" at the entrance to the French Garden.
  • The Nordwall multi-storey car park has an e-bike recharging point in its bicycle park.
Where can I leave my bicycle at the station?
  • There is secure cycle parking at the P + R facility at the train station, which  has space for 450 bicycles on two levels, for which there is a fee (daily, weekly, monthly and annual tickets).
  • At the front of the Celle train station there is a free, two-level cycle rack for up to 320 bicycles.
Where can I get my bike repaired in Celle?

The River Aller Cycle Route

Insider’s tip, between the Weser and the Elbe rivers!

Throughout its 328 kilometres, the Aller Cycle Route leads you through idyllic landscapes along the Aller, from its confluence with the Weser near Verden, to its source in Eggenstedt near Magdeburg. If you wish, you can follow the Aller-Elbe-Radweg from Seggerde, the direct feeder to the Elberadweg (Elbe Cycle Route).

Let the Aller guide you through the beautiful Aller-Leine Valley, the Südheide, the Drömling, the Flechtinger mountain range and on to its source.  Past meadows, pastures and pine forests, small towns, old farms, half-timbered houses and mills.

A practical helper is the Aller Cycle Path Guidebook, which offers help and tips for planning and also during your tour with a map, important information on the route sections, scenic sights and overnight accommodation.

You can request a copy free of charge from

Cycling on the Aller cycle path in Celle
Logo vom Aller-Radweg

The Aller cycle route follows the course of the river mostly at a distance of a few hundred metres. Divided into six varied stages, the Aller cycle route offers you an active and relaxing short break combining nature and culture.

The sections of the route:

Stage 1:  Verden ↔ Schwarmstedt - 53 km
Stage 2:  Schwarmstedt ↔ Celle - 44 km
Stage 3:  Celle ↔ Gifhorn - 49 km
Stage 4:  Gifhorn ↔ Oebisfelde - 46 km
Stage 5:  Oebisfelde ↔ Eggenstedt - 60 km
Aller-Elbe Cycle Route:  Seggerde ↔ Hohenwarthe - 80 km