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Celle Circular Cycling Route No. 1

Short facts

  • start: Pfennig Bridge (The ‚Penny‘ Bridge) in Celle
  • destination: Pfennig Bridge (The ‚Penny‘ Bridge) in Celle
  • easy
  • 26,72 km
  • 1 hour 41 minutes
  • 19 m
  • 53 m
  • 35 m
  • Radfahren

best season

Along the river Aller to the Aller Health

A really wonderful cycling tour awaits you on this route, along the river Aller and through the Aller Heath (Allerheide) forest area - a chance to experience nature at close hand. Visit the monastery in Wienhausen, a work of art in north German Gothic brick architecture.

General information

  • Nature Highlight
  • Cultural Interesting
  • Loop Road

The tour begins at the "Pfennigbrücke" in Celle. It goes past the  "Dammaschwiesen" meadow in the direction of Altencelle. Here the river Aller still flows through a natural landscape, characterised by misty meadows and pine forests. Rare bird species, some of which are threatened with extinction, such as snipe, teal and more recently, the white stork, breed in the surrounding nature reserve.  

Dragonfly species, such as the rare banded demoiselle and the extremely rare, green damsel thrive here too, in small bodies of water; plus species of grasshopper, such as the very rare marsh insect live hidden in these meadowlands, even though it is an extensively used area. Very rare marsh and aquatic plants such as swan flowers and crab claws grow on and in the water. This natural diversity, which can be experienced so close to Celle’s Historical Old Town, means that Upper Allertal holds a very special significance for the people of Celle, as a place to relax and enjoy nature.

After a short cycle along the Kreisstraße 74 road, the route goes in the direction of Osterloh. From there you head to Bockelskamp and Wienhausen.  The Cistercian monastery at Wienhausen dates from the early 13th century and is of outstanding importance as a building complex of north German brick Gothic.  It is unique in northern Germany and contains art treasures from the 13th to 16th centuries - the valuable tapestries from the 14th and 15th centuries also deserve a special mention.  The monastery is run as an Evangelical Lutheran women's monastery and is surrounded by an extensive, romantic, natural monastery park.  It can be visited from April to October.

From Wienhausen you continue to Oppershausen and from there towards Lachendorf.  Just before Lachendorf, turn left towards Altencelle and cycle through the Allerheide forest area. From there, cycling alongside the river Aller, you will be able to take the Aller Cycle route back to Celle.

Safety Guidelines

The terrain of this route is mainly even to very flat. Most of the route runs on smaller roads and farm roads. With the exception of the sections near Altencelle, Bockelskamp and Wienhausen and within Celle, the volume of traffic is classified as low.


We recommend a visit to Celle’s Healing Herbs Garden, which offers a wealth of different medicinal plants. The adjoining café, "KräuThaer" is looked after by students from the Albrecht-Thaer School (agricultural specialists).  The delicious, home-made dishes based on popular, traditional recipes offer a tempting delight to the palate here.

Track signage

The tour is not yet available in pictogram format. Please keep to the main and intermediate signposts on the cycle path signs along the route.


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