Pfennig Bridge (The ‚Penny‘ Bridge)

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  • Celle
  • Weitere Sehenswürdigkeiten

The Pfennig bridge connects Celle’s Hehlentor area with the Old Town

The Pfennig bridge is a much used pedestrian footpath and cylists‘ route across the river Aller. It connects the Old Town/Blumlage area with the Hehlentor area.

A bridge was first built here during the German Empire in 1900. The Pfennig Bridge has been destroyed several times by floods. In the past, passers-by had to pay a toll to use the bridge, initially one Pfennig, later increased to two Pfennigs.

Directly over the Pfennigbrücke in the Hehlentor area is the Dammschwiese (meadow on the river Aller), an area for rest and relaxation.

The Pfennig Bridge is also the meeting point for the "All Winter Torch Swim", a traditional event which has been held in Celle every February since 1966, by the German Life Saving Society.

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29221 Celle -Altstadt / Hehlentor


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