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Considered to be one of the most beautiful Guelph castles in northern Germany

First mentioned in 1318, over the centuries what began as a simple castle became the magnificent residence of the Dukes of Braunschweig-Lüneburg. The four-winged layout reveals elements of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles on both the outside and the interior.

With the death of the last Duke, George Wilhelm in 1705, Celle lost its status as a ducal residence and from then on, was ruled from Hanover. From 1772 until her death in 1775, the Palace was used as a residence in exile for the divorced Danish Queen, Caroline Mathilde. After the end of the personal union between Hanover and Great Britain in 1837, Georg Friedrich Laves (1788 – 1864) architecht to the Kings of Hanover, upgraded the Palace architecturally as a summer and annex residence, adding, among other things, an impressive staircase on the courtyard side of the east wing.

The Palace is integrated within the historical old town and reflects the various construction phases as the original castle was developed into a Ducal Palace. The various building stuctures over the different periods of use been preserved, from the medieval castle, to the Knights' Hall and the baroque State Chalets and the baroque theatre.

The Palace Chapel, with its early Protestant furnishings is considered an important testament to Renaissance art in northern Germany. The Chapel can only be shown as part of a guided tour of the Guelph Palace, together with the Palace kitchen, which still retains its 19th century fixtures and fittings. Thus, the history of the Ducal Palace has been chronicled and captured in stone.

The history of the Palace and the region is bought to life at the Residence Museum. A permanent exhibition reveals the life and work of the Guelph Duke, the life of the Danish Queen Caroline Mathilde, the history of the Kingdom of Hanover and much more.  

To visit the rooms open to the public a guided tour of the Palace is highly recommended. The guided tour is combined with a visit to the Residence Museum.

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The inner rooms can be viewed during a visit to the Residenzmusuem.
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Entry to the Residence Museum without guide:

Adults: 8,00 € p.p.

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Children: free entry


Entry to the Residenzmuseum including guided tour:

Adults: 9,00 €

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Family Card: 18,00 €

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