Nature & Outdoor Activities

in Celle and Surrounding Region

Cycling, Hiking and Watersports

Keep Moving!

Hiking on the Lüneburg Heath. Cycling along the Aller. Paddling on the Lachte.  Horse riding across meadows and fields. Or just take a dip in our lakes, natural and outdoor pools. Just go where the fancy takes you and do what you enjoy. Whether you shift up a gear or go into neutral is of course up to you. Enjoy Celle the holiday and nature region, at your own pace.


Celle - the southern gateway to the Lüneburg Heath

The Lüneburg Heath opens up a unique nature and leisure region. The Southern Heath Nature Park (Südheide), just a few kilometers north of Celle, is nature and relaxation at its most pure. Take yourself at a leisurely pace through the wide expanses of heather, listen to the special sound of the ‘Heidschnucken‘ (local heathland sheep breed), try some heather honey directly from the beekeeper, or explore typical heathland villages like Hermannsburg. However, the heath can also be different: wild, sporty, exciting. Within the area, there is the Soltau Heath park, the Hodenhagen, ‘Serengeti’ park, the Walsrode ‘Birds of the World’ park or Bispingen, the ‘Snow Dome’ park, all providing plenty of variety.


Heidschnuckenweg Hiking Trail Lüneburg Heath
© Lüneburger Heide GmbH

Wellness for the Soul

Enjoy nature at its most pure ... for example, on a canoe tour. Get into your canoe in the middle of Celle. Glide through the centre of the town for a while then onwards, you’re away. Things  becomes greener, quieter, more tranquil. Close your eyes for a moment. This is what nature sounds like: the rustling of the leaves, the swishing of the grass, the soothing, gentle lapping of the River Aller.  Let yourself be carried away by nature and nothing else. That is also the Celle region: wellness for the soul.