Shopping in Celle’s Historical Old Town

Relaxed strolling in a Half-Timbered Ambience

Where else could you still find this? Friendly faces that greet you with a smile when you come through the door. For us, this is a matter of course. We’re glad to see you!

Celle is where you can shop in a relaxed way: without stress or pressure. Welcoming and familiar. Dozens of small, owner-managed shops, boutiques and concept stores quietly impress with charm, personality and individual advice. Stroll, browse, get some new ideas, find tips and inspiration and above all - feel honestly and sincerely welcome.This is what the Celle, the shopping town, stands for.

Celle is special

Style, Variety and Originality behind every Window

Whether clothing, electronics, books, cosmetics, flowers, decoration or furniture: naturally, you will find everything you need in Celle; for every occasion, for every requirement, in every price range. But Celle is more. Celle is special. Take your time, take a leisurely stroll through the little alleyways and you will discover lots of beautiful things that are only available in Celle, such as the "Alten Provisor", a unique herbal liqueur, delicacies from the region in the Marchelle market, coffee specialties from Huth, inimitable gift ideas at Allernixe or fine wines from all over the world at eWine. It’s the dozens of individual, specialty shops and concept stores that are part of Celle’s appeal as a town for shopping. Go on a discovery tour.

The view into Huth's coffee and speciality shop

Celle is out of the Ordinary

‚The Creative Mile‘

No longer an insider’s tip for some time, but it’s one of the most extraordinary shopping addresses in the Old Town of Celle: Schuhstrasse, better known as the “creative mile”. The name reflects the character of this charming old alley: here you will find small and really fine shops that stand for individuality, high standards and quality; boutiques, shops and concept stores with products that you won't find on every corner: handicrafts and home accessories from Asia and the Orient, for example.

Stylish fashion for men to suit all tastes and preferences, individually designed and handmade jewellery, unusual gift ideas, high-quality fabrics, toys and children's fashion. As diverse as the offer is, one thing unites the shops on the Kreativmeile: Passion. Here you will meet people who love their business, who run it with dedication and devotion and for whom it is an absolute pleasure to find the right thing for you. Give it a try.

Celle is enchanting

Even just walking through Celle’s medieval streets makes shopping an experience. More than 500 carefully, beautifully restored half-timbered buildings. Each one is unique. This also applies to the many small businesses, shops and boutiques, cafes, bistros and restaurants. No matter what you are looking for, this is where you will find it. And you will meet people who run their business with heart and soul, who take pleasure in helping you and who place great importance on the fact that you’re happy and will gladly come back. This is also how shopping can be.

The Street ‚Neue Straße‘

Relaxed shopping in the Heart of the Old Town

For many of the locals, this is simply their “favourite street”. Neue Strasse represents easy relaxed shopping, appealing to all the senses. This wonderful old alley is above all personal and original. All the shops, stores, restaurants and cafes are owner-managed. You can see it. You can feel it. You can taste it. Maybe the Neue Straße will become your “favourite street” too?

Lively half-timbered houses in Celle's old town: restaurants and shops
© Fotostudio Loeper, Celle
Mauernstraße Quarter in Celle

The ‚Mauernstrasse‘ Quarter

Shopping, strolling, enjoyment

From regional food specialties and gift ideas, from shoe trends to hair styling - the Mauernstrasse area is where you will find an individual mix of small, mainly owner-managed shops plus varied and creative restaurants. As with everywhere in Celle’s Old Town, you will experience that special 3-way combination of personal advice, exceptional products and excellent service.

Insider tip for your shopping tour in Celle

The courtyards of Celle

Original at second glance

In Celle, it is also worth taking a look behind the scenes. Somewhat hidden, for example, is the "Postmeister von Hinüber", for almost 25 years one of the top addresses for creative cuisine and excellent wines. Speciality shops such as the "Alte Provisor" and the "Zapfhahn" have also discovered the special charm of the courtyards for themselves and their customers. Here you can experience Celle's unique half-timbered atmosphere even more intensely. Take a look inside. It's worth it.

Half-timbered house with inner courtyard