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The River Aller

Celle, the Town on the River

Flowing directly through Celle: the River Aller.

The Aller is a real lifeline for Celle and the region.  Whether you simply want  to dip a toe in the water on the Allerstrand, listen to the murmur of the Allerwehr or take a walk along the Dammaschwiese meadow to the Thaers Park. Perhaps a paddle tour on the Aller? Or would you prefer a cycling on the Aller Cycle Route, along the course of the river? Those who prefer to walk, can get close to nature along beautiful hiking trails.


Picturesque Meadows, thanks to the Aller, Fuhse and Lachte

The Aller river at sunrise
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Celle’s most prominent stretch of river is 260 kilometres long and has its source in Saxony-Anhalt. As the largest river in northern Germany that does not flow into the sea, the Aller flows into the Weser, near Verden. The last 115 kilometres of the Aller is even navigable - the so-called ‘Unteraller’, just below Celle, is designated as a federal waterway.

In addition to the Aller, the Fuhse and the Lachter also play their part in Celle. The course of these rivers have formed a varied and picturesque meadow landscape and to imagine Celle without this wonderful space for local relaxation and sport. would be unthinkable.

Experience the Aller

Active and Sporty

You can explore the Aller in a variety of ways. Whether on land or on the water - different perspectives always offer new experiences in the midst of nature – and right in the heart of Celle.


Frequently Asked Questions: Around and About the River Aller in Celle

Where can I hire a boat to go paddling on the Aller?
Where can I find more information about cycling along the Aller?
Is it possible to swim in the Aller?

The Aller is a beautiful bathing river, enjoyed by many. There are numerous sandy beaches which invite you to stay a while and relax. However, the DLRG does not recommend swimming in unguarded areas of the Aller. Risk-free bathing cannot be guaranteed, due to dangers such as currents, motorboat traffic from the port of Celle and the lack of visibility of the riverbed and  underwater environment.


Is angling allowed on the Aller?

50 kilometers of river and 11 oxbow lakes are designated for fishing - making Celle a true angler's paradise. All types of fish can be found in these scenic waters from eels to pikeperch. The leasing authority Aller II (Pachtgemeinschaft Aller II) offers numerous opportunities to enjoy angling on the Aller, such as visitor permits and fishing courses among others. Guest anglers can purchase Aller visitor permits, which are valid along three sections of the river.

Please ensure you read the regulations set out by the water authorities in advance.

Where can I find food and drink along the Aller?

Passenger ship

"M.S. Wappen von Celle"

 The excursion ship

Lying in Celle Harbour is the passenger ship the"M.S. Wappen von Celle". "M.S. Wappen von Celle". From the beginning of May to the end of September, scheduled trips depart from Celle via Boye, Stedden to Oldau and to the lock. On some days this wonderful steamship goes as far as Winsen and back again. Bicycles can also be taken on board. Cold and warm drinks as well as small savoury and sweet dishes are offered throughout the trip.

Fun Facts about the Aller

  • The Nölke fish shop has been around for 200 years and over 7 generations. This professional river fisherman lays his traps every day on a 45-kilometer stretch of river and primarily catches eels.  The Nölke fish shop lies directly on the Aller.

  • Originally, a floating pedestrian bridge was built around 1900, which had to be demolished after numerous floods. First Nölke, the master fisherman took over the job as a ferryman. Later a new bridge was built. To cross, however, you had to pay 1 and later 2 Pfennig-toll, which led to the current name “Die Pfennigbrücke” (the ‘Penny Bridge).

  • Allerleih, the boat rental company was founded as early as 1892 and is located directly on the water, only a stone's throw from the Old Town.

  • In1966, for the first time and ever since then every year in February, the Aller is transformed into almost a big, outdoor stage, when the traditional River Aller “Winter Torchlight Swim” takes place. An ice-cold pleasure for the daring - and an enjoyable pastime for spectators who are slightly more cold-sensitive!