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Half-Timbered Architecture – Baroque - Bauhaus

Celle scores on nearness and variety

The oldest house in Celle

Anyone visiting Celle for the first time is amazed by the beauty of the Historical Old Town. Many of the 500 or so half-timbered buildings, the oldest of which dates from the 14th century, have been extensively restored down to the finest details, resulting in a densely packed, almost enclosed group of buildings, unique in the world. That is why this 700 year old Royal town is famous.
These wonderful half-timbered buildings also serve as a film set.

A small town break with everything close at hand

Relaxed shopping in Celle

You can easily get to know Celle's attractions on foot in one day. But it is definitely worth staying longer for a holiday in Celle. The baroque Ducal Palace, Celle’s museums, the otto haesler Bauhaus architecture, the beautiful parks and not forgetting the great shopping and dining options – these should also be on your list.

Celle is located on the River Aller - the "Dammaschwiesen" recreation area (an adjoining meadow) can be reached quickly from the town centre and is ideal for walking, hiking or cycling. You can also visit the famous Healing Herbs Garden from here.

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What is there to do for families?

In addition to Celle’s museums, the following attractions are great for families:

Celle's museums
Which sights and attractions are free of charge?

The half-timbered buildings and the architecture of Celle, such as Bauhaus, as well as the sculptures and monuments, can always be enjoyed free of charge.

Here are the most important sights that you can visit for free:

Sculptures and Memorials
Which attractions are suitable for groups?

Celle Palace can be visited very well as a group.

Here are some further attractions:

Around the Celle Region:

Celle Palace
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1 Day in Celle – 1 Circular Tour!

Our Recommendation for You

You start at Celle Palace, admire Celle's beautiful half-timbered buildings, experience the contrast to Bauhaus architecture and take a break in the French Garden. In this completely easy and relaxed way, you’ll get to know some of the most important sights in Celle. For a more detailed description of this route, take a look at the Circular Route through the Historical Old Town.

Circular route through the Historical Old Town

Aerial view of the Celle Ducal Palace

Celle’s Ducal Palace

Foundation walls from 1292, Palace Chapel, Theatre, State Apartments - today the Residence Museum.

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Celle Bomann-Museum and Celle Museum of Art

Bomann Museum Celle

Museum for cultural history, the town’s history and the history of the former Kingdom of Hanover.

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The world’s first 24 hour art museum by night

Celle Museum of Art, featuring the Robert Simon collection

The world’s first 24 hour art museum.

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The ‚Kalandgasse‘ in the old town of celle

The ‚Kalandgasse‘ and Old Latin School

A magical little street, former Latin school from 1602 with rich carvings.

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The Stechbahn in the old town of Celle at dusk

The Stechbahn

Site of former jousting tournaments. Duke Otto is said to have had an accident here in 1471.

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St. Mary’s Town Church in the old town of Celle

St. Mary’s Town Church

Consecrated as St. Mary's Church in 1308, Evangelical/Lutheran since 1525. Tower 74.5m.

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Old Town Hall of Celle

Old Town Hall

Magnificent Weser Renaissance gable. ‘Ratskeller’ (cellar) with Gothic cross-band vaults.

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Celle Glockenspiel

Celle Glockenspiel

Chimes can be heard four times a day: 11.00, 13.00, 15.00, 17.00 hours

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Oldest Dated Half Timbered Building in Celle

Oldest Dated Half-Timbered Building in Celle

Am Heiligen Kreuz 26: it was built in 1526 and has a gothic, graduated stepped gable.

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Hoppener House, the best-known half-timbered house in Celle.

The Hoppener House

Corner of Poststrasse/ Rundestrasse. Magnificent building from 1532.

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Stechinellihaus in the old town of Celle

The Stechinellihaus

The current building was erected in 1795 in neo-classical architecture.

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Alter Marstall in the old town of Celle

The Old Royal Stables

Westcellertorstraße, corner Schlossplatz. Ducal stables until 1776.

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The Director’s House in Celle

The Director’s House (1930/31)

in the Magnusstraße. Outstanding Bauhaus Architecture. Built by otto haesler.

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St. Ludwig’s Church in Celle

St. Ludwig Church

The main Catholic Church in Celle and the only Church building in classic style in Northern Germany.

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The French Garden in the old town of Celle

The French Garden

Memorial Garden with a double avenue of lime trees, rose garden and Queen Caroline Mathilde monument

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Synagogue Celle, oldest surviving Synagogue in Lower Saxony

Synagogue Celle (around 1740)

Oldest surviving Synagogue in Lower Saxony. Inauguration 1974 as a Jewish Cultural Centre / memorial

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