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Thaer’s Garden

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  • Celle
  • Landscape park, Park

Albrecht Thaer’s former Manor House

This area of the park you see today was bought by Albrecht Daniel Thaer (14.05.1752 - 26.10.1826) in 1786 shortly before his wedding, from the citizens of Celle and local a brewer, Heinrich Reimers.

The land was first mentioned in 1712, listed as ‚Reimers Camp‘ and then later as ‚Reimers Park‘. Immediately after he had acquired the land, Thaer had the manor house built that you see to this day.

Whether and to what extent Thaer carried out his agricultural trials on this site, can no longer be exactly verified. However, Thaer followed a calling to Prussia in 1804 and there founded the first German agricultural academy in Brandenburg on the Möglin Manor Estate.

Until it was transferred to the town of Celle in 1934, Thaer’s Garten and its Manor house experienced an eventful history. Under constantly changing owners, attempts were made to make economic use from the building and the adjoining park, which had been designed by Thaer in a landscape style. It is worth mentioning the coffee business which was established here from 1805 by the German economist, Backhaus, the expansion to a bar with beer and dance hall by a local Celle merchant, Artler ("Artlersgarten") and finally the attempt by a Frankfurt businessman, Goy, to divide the park area into 48 building plots (1927).

Fortunately, any further development was prevented by the acquisition of the park by the town of Celle.

Today the Manor house is rented as a residential building and the parkland is an important recreation area.

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