Celler Badeland (leisure pool centre)

Short facts

  • Celle
  • Water park/Erlebnisbad, Indoor…

Get out of the daily routine and into enjoyment

There’s something for everyone at Celle’s Badeland.
For water rats. For those who just want some time out. For everyone who wants to relax and all those who like to go swimming. For sliders, jumpers, sauna-goers. For wellness fans and whirlpool users. For indoor and outdoor pool fans. For everyone who calls water their favourite element. And are just happy to be immersed. You can get active with our sports facilities, feel good in the sauna or keep your fitness on track through our various classes.

Celle’s Badeland offers so much variety and is open to all who happily spend their free time in and around water. Within its fascinating 40,000 square metre landscape, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for: action, tranquility or both. Or of course, you could just put your feet up. Regardless of what you do, here at Badeland, one thing always applies: the day to day should be left behind.

On the map

Celler Badeland

77er Straße 2

29221 Celle


Phone: +49 5141 9519350

Fax: +49 5141 9519359

General information

WeekdayTime of day
09:30 bis 18:30
06:00 bis 22:00
06:00 bis 17:30
06:00 bis 22:00
06:00 bis 22:00
08:00 bis 19:00
08:00 bis 18:00
* During the holidays, the pool remains open until 20:00 on Wednesdays.
Closing time: 1 hour before the end of opening hours
The Celle Badeland is closed on the following public holidays: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, New Year's Eve
  • Bad Weather Offer
  • Suitable for any weather
  • for Groups
  • for Class
  • for familys
  • for individual guests
  • Suitable for the Elderly
  • for Children of all Ages
  • for Children of the age of 0-3
  • for Children of the age of 3-6
  • for Children of the age of 6-10
  • for Children of the age of 10 upwards
linguistic proficiency
  • German
  • English
Other Furnishing/Equipment
  • Children Entertainment Corner (indoors)
  • Children's Playground (outdoors)
  • Toilet
  • Baby Change
  • Handicapped accessible WC
  • Barrier-free access
Price info

Indoor pool (plus outdoor pool use):

Single chip (1 hour): Adults: 2,70 €; Youths*: 2,00 €

Ten-chip (1 hour): Adults: 24,30 €; Youths*: 18,00 €

Single chip (3 hours): Adults: 5,50 €; Youths*: 3,50 €

Ten-chip (3 hours): Adults: 49,50 €; Youths: 30,00 €

Extending each 30 minutes: Adults: 1,00 €; Youths*: 0,50 €

Day ticket without sauna: Adults: 10,00 €; Youths*: 5,50 €

Sauna (plus indoor pool and outdoor pool use):

Single chip (1 hour): Adults: 15,00 €; Youths*: 7,00 €


other prices: www.celler-badeland.de

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