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Lockers with charging facilities

Short facts

  • Celle
  • Electric bike charging point

Service for cycle tourists in Celle

All lockers come with charging facilities for E-Bikes and are located at the Südwall car park.

Terms of use for lockers:

  • In use daily from Monday to Friday, 07:15 to maximum 07:00 the following day
  • In use Saturdays 07:15 to Monday 07:00
  • Use on Sundays and public holidays from 07:15 preceding day to 07:00 the next working day
  • After each hire period has expired, the locker will be opened by the on-site manager (except on Sundays and public holidays)
  • Contents will be returned upon presentation of the key or - in the case of a lost key - upon presentation of an official identification document, at the porter’s booth at the Südwall car park, during working hours (Monday to Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.)
  • Telephone: +49 175 / 20 18 076 (during working hours)
  • Emergency number: +49 175 / 20 18 076 (outside of working hours)
  • All “Terms of Use for Locker Facilities” (NB) on display, apply.
  • The storage of objects as indicated by § 1 (3) of the Terms of Use’ is prohibited!
  • Attention: use of the power connection in the locker must not exceed a total of 1,000 watts (see § 1 (4) of the Terms of Use).
In the event of a lost key, a flat rate of  € 40.00 flat rate will be charged, payable immediately. If the contents of a locker are handed over outside the porter's normal office hours (see above), an additional € 40.00 charge may be applied if necessary, which is  payable immediately (see § 2 (3) of the Terms of Use).

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