Congress Union underground car park

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Congress Union underground car park

The multi-storey car park was first put into operation as a public underground car park below the Congress Union Celle event centre in 1993.
There is a separate entrance and exit to Celle city centre (Bullenberg).
The multi-storey car park has a total of 327 parking spaces for short-term and long-term parking on three levels. Of these, 6 are handicapped spaces, 4 are spaces for the walking impaired.
The dynamic parking guidance system leads to the entrance of the underground car park from the street Bullenberg.

Pulling a parking card at the entry terminal (for short-term parkers) or holding it out without contact (for long-term and special cards) releases the entry by opening the barrier, so that you can then drive directly to a free parking space. The exit is released after payment of the parking fee at the pay stations and collection of the parking card (short-term parkers) or contactless holding at the exit terminal by opening the barriers.
Long-term parkers can apply for parking tickets at the administration in person, by telephone or by email.

An electric charging station is available free of charge for short-term parkers.
Entry height: 2 m

On the map

Celler Parkbetriebe GmbH

Hannoversche Straße 3

29221 Celle


Phone: +49 5141 951 9340

General information

WeekdayTime of day
Monday - Saturday
07:00 bis 01:00
09:00 bis 01:00
linguistic proficiency
  • German
  • English
Other Furnishing/Equipment
  • Toilet
  • Handicapped accessible WC
  • Barrier-free access
Price info

The parking fee for short-term parkers until 6 pm is

for the first 30 minutes: 0,80 €

for each additional 30 minutes: 0,70 €;

The maximum parking fee per day is: 12,00 €


The parking fee for short-term parkers from6 pm onwards is

from 6 pm to 1 am (until 9 am on Sundays and public holidays):

0.70 Euro per 30 minutes

from 18:00 to 07:00 (until 09:00 on Sundays and public holidays):

flat rate 3,00 €


The parking fee for events is from 6 pm:

from 6 pm to 7 am (until 9 am on Sundays and public holidays): flat rate 3,00 €

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