W2 - Hiking Trail through the Neustädter Woods

Short facts

  • start: Günter Volker stadium (Nienburger Straße)
  • destination: Günter Volker stadium (Nienburger Straße)
  • 10,66 km
  • 2 hours 34 minutes
  • 9 m
  • 48 m
  • 37 m
  • Walking / hiking

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Go Hiking through the Neustädter Woods!

This hiking trail follows the "Aller-Radweg" (cycle route) and takes you through the Neustädter woods. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

General information

  • Loop Road

The trail begins just by the sports fields, at the Günter Volker stadium, a little on the outskirts of Celle. From there, walk for a short stretch along the "Nienburger Straße" until you see a  woods path branching off to the right. As you walk through the woods, part of the way is on the Aller Cycle route. This brings you to the "Boyer Weg" – turn left here, where the "Aller" makes a bend. Continue through the woods until you reach the B 214 road. You cross over this, at the Fuhse canal and where you will also see the Zum Vogelbeerbaum restaurant.

From here, walk along the Fuhse canal through the Neustädter woods and on to the village of Wietzenbruch. Your route brings you to a small street, "Zum Alten Kanal", which you follow to the left. Ahead you will see the Wilhelm-Heinichen-Ring road and at the traffic lights, cross over and you will come to the Lönsweg. From there briefly follow the Welfenallee and on to the Nienburger Straße, which takes you back to the Günter Volker stadium.

Track signage

The hiking tour is not signposted with a pictogram.


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