The Ducal Palace in Celle

It is the oldest building in Celle and it is regarded as one of the most splendid Guelphic palaces in Northern Germany.

First mentioned in 1318, from its origins as a simple castle it was transformed in the following centuries into a magnificent residence for the dukes of Brunswick-Lüneburg. The four-wing construction reveals both from the exterior and the interior stylistic elements from the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods.

With the death of Celle’s last duke George William in 1705, the town ceased to be a ducal residence and was then governed from Hanover. From 1772 until her death in 1775, the Palace was home for the exiled Danish queen Caroline Mathilda after her divorce from the king.
Following the end of the personal union between Hanover and Great Britain 1837 the Palace was architecturally upgraded by the royal Hanoverian court architect Georg Friedrich Laves to become the summer residence and also the secondary residence of the kings of Hanover. Amongst other improvements an impressive stairway was added located on the courtyard side of the east wing.

The palace which is integrated in the historical "Old Town", reflects in its construction phases the development from a castle to a ducal palace.
From all periods of use building structures remain: the medieval castle, the knights' hall, the baroque state chambers, the baroque theatre.

The palace chapel with its early Protestant fittings is important evidence for Renaissance art in northern Germany and can only be visited during a guided tour of the Guelph Palace, as well as the palace kitchen which its equipment bears witness to the 19th century. Thus the palace provides a chronicle of the ducal residence documented in stone.

In the Residence Museum located in the Palace local and regional history comes to life. A permanent exhibition presents the history of the ducal residence, life and work of the Guelphic dukes, the fate of the Danish queen Caroline Mathilda, the history of the Kingdom of Hanover and much more.

For visiting the rooms open to the public a guided tour of the Palace is highly recommended. The guided tour is combined with a visit to the Residence Museum.

There are regular thematic tours of the Palace, with or without costumes.


  • State apartments
  • Palace kitchen
  • Palace chapel

Information about accessibity:
Wheelchair user, people with impaired hearing, elderly people,
people with learning difficulties, families, people with walking difficulties
Advice: Access to the museum shop via three steps, lift available

Schloss Celle
Schloßplatz 1
D-29221 Celle
Tel.: +49 5141 9090850
Fax: +49 5141 90908750

Tour hours:

April to October
Tue - Fri and Sun: 11am, 1pm, 3pm
Sat: 11am - 3pm on the hour

November to March:
Tue – Fri: 12am and 2pm
Sat and Sun: 12am, 1pm and 2pm

Events in the Palace permitting.

Entry charge includ. guided tour:

Adults: €8.00 p.p.
Reduced: €5.00 p.p.
(for groups from 5 persons, students, 1 hour before closing hour, severely disabled - marked B)
Children up to 14 years and pupils: free entry

Duration: app. 60 minutes

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