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A supreme example of Bauhaus Style

The “Glass School” counts as of the ten most important buildings in the Bauhaus style internationally and is Otto Haesler's best-known work. Immediately after the inauguration of the building on May 18, 1928, national and international reports acted as a magnet, attracting architects, politicians and educational professionals from all over the world.

The facade of the school is characterised by horizontal rows of windows, which in part open into the glazed stairwells. A total of around 1,800 windows with around 3,050 panes coined the nickname: Glass School.

The three-storey, low-rise building consists of two side wings that enclose the gym. The sports hall was illuminated from above through a glass roof and could be converted into a festival hall for film or stage events.

Unfortunately, the original colour scheme by the artist Karl Völker has been lost. However, there are concrete plans for its restoration, in accordance with official monument regulations.

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