Lady ´s mantle and magic little man

On the traces of herb women and sorceresses

The herb woman shows the guests Celle of the XVI. century and presents this conflicting time of the Renaissance, humanism and superstition.

Begina reveals ancient methods of healing and talks about the consequences of the „little ice age“. She introduces wise women and tattles about the life of the Dukes of those times. A delicious magic potion for one Thaler and a cheerful dance put the guests into good humour.


  • Guided tour in costume
  • sorceress
  • magic potion

(for up to 25 persons)
one herb woman - € 95.00
two herb women -
€ 140.00

Add. fee for foreign languages: € 15.00

Meeting point:
bridge in front of the Palace, Schloßplatz
about 1.5 hrs

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