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With boat trips and the unique Underwaterworld

Wild Africa lies at the front door of the Adventure-Zoo.  India is next door and in between the two lies Canada! Seven unique themed worlds.  Full of adventure, numerous animal shows, on-site catering - perhaps the animal feeding times will give you an appetite!

Start your journey of discovery in Africa with a boat trip on the Zambezi. As the boats glide silently over the water - flamingos, giraffes, lions, zebras, rhinos and last but not least, the hippos seem close enough to touch (boat trips only in the summer season).

Just a few metres further, our chimpanzees await you in their new Kingdom, ‘Kibongo’.   On a dry river bed, follow the tracks to the abandoned expedition camp. In the middle of the humid, African savannah, a paradise for the great apes opens up, with rock faces, streams, waterfalls, sand baths and shady rest areas.

Just a stone’s throw away is Gorilla Mountain, nestling in a spectacular jungle landscape. And then - the wilderness calls - Canada! Wolves with amber eyes lurk on the banks of the Yukon, a herd of caribou passes by and bison graze peacefully. Old mines run through the hills towards the port town.

You arrive in Yukon Bay, where polar bears romp in the waves.  Their life beneath the surface is revealed when you enter ‘Underwaterworld’ in the hull of the Yukon Queen: panoramic windows in the ship's walls provide a clear view of the exciting world of marine animals and sea creatures. In the green-blue shimmering water, polar bears dive directly behind the glass, impressing the penguins with their underwater flight. Sleek seals and sea lions glide gently past the windows.

After so much excitement, you've earned some rest in the enchanted Indian Palace. Green walls, aqueducts and statues seem to have been left to decay for generations. Where once mighty Maharajas held court, elephants now bathe in the princely palace pool, while tigers, leopards and sacred Hulman monkeys rule over their dreamy Kingdom.

The lively little elephant calves with their big ears keep the elephant family on its toes! Mother, aunts and siblings must always keep a watchful eye on the little ones, who are sniffing and exploring around in every nook and cranny, with their tiny trunks.

Down Under – where the world looks completely different again.  On the red sands of the outback, you’re greeted by kangaroos, emus and wombats. And if you are looking for pure adventure, then whiz down the valley on the summer toboggan run in ‘Kinderland Mullewapp’. There are cuddly goats, alpacas and sheep waiting at the petting meadow. Smaller zoo visitors can let off steam in the two playgrounds, before heading off to the picturesque, typically Saxony-style homestead.

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