‚Jakobsweg‘ - the Way of St. James, through the Celle region

Short facts

  • start: Bergen
  • destination: Wietze
  • 108,86 km
  • 1 day 2 hours 26 minutes
  • 199 m
  • 114 m
  • 28 m
  • Walking / hiking

Pilgrimage from Bergen, through the Südheide Nature Park, past the Wienhausen monastery on to Wietze

To be out and on the move, to switch off from everyday life - away from public roads through forests, fields and heath, to be at one with yourself and find peace in nature. Come to your senses and look outwards, not in ... Pilgrimage is a special kind of hiking.

Walk the St. James‘ Way through the Lüneburg Heath and the surrounding regions of Celle; well-signposted sections offer the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of nature on a pilgrimage.

General information


The route through the Südheide (Southern Heath) leads from Soltau via Wietzendorf to Bergen, within the district boundaries of Celle. From Bergen you will walk via Wohlde, where a pilgrimage church once stood and on to Hermannsburg, the site of the Evangelical Lutherian Missionary work. You then pass through an area of one of the most beautiful heathlands in the South Heath Nature Park, via Eschede to the Wienhausen monastery. From Wienhausen the route continues to Celle, Winsen (Aller) and Wietze, where you leave Celle’s district boundaries, towards Lindwedel and Mandelsloh, and on to the Mariensee monastery.


If you are planning a multi-day pilgrimage tour, it is advisable to book accommodation in advance as, on some sections of the route, especially throughout the extensive landscape of the Lüneburg Heath, only a few places are available for overnight stays.

Additional Information

Numerous churches and pilgrim hostels invite you to stop off along the way. Guided pilgrimage tours are also offered via the Ludwig-Harms-Haus in Hermannsburg (contact: Ludwig-Harms-Haus, Harmsstrasse 2, 29320 Hermannsburg, Tel .: +49 5052 69270).


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