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The Trift Park and Grounds

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From cattle grazing to city landscape – the Trift is Celle’s defining green space

The boundaries of the ‘Trift’ – a large, open public parkland - links the area from Celle’s main railway station to the historic old town and everything in between. This extensive green space, with its many grass lawns, was formerly a cattle grazing area. Today it provides the adjacent and densely built-up residential areas with a place for relaxation and enjoyment in the heart of nature. There is also a playground with various play and sports facilities such as swings, climbing frames and a slide.

The Trift area you see today was originally pasture land, used for cattle grazing at the front of the historic Westerceller Tor. Although there were plans to develop and expand the city in the 17th century, which would have included transforming the pasture into a baroque park, the land was ultimately reserved for use as a cattle grazing pasture and storage area until well into the 19th century. In 1883 the Trift was eventually transformed into a park, overseen by Schaumburg, the notable Hanoverian Garden Inspector who was commissioned with its planning and implementation.

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