Krüger Heath Trips

Short facts

  • Unterlüß
  • Kutschenfahrten

For everyone who loves nature

Ideal for groups, clubs, companies and everyone who loves nature. Carriages and covered wagons for small groups are available.

The Heathland Snack Trip

(3 hours) 23.00 € per person.

The trip includes a snack of different types of local sausage from the heathland region and freshly baked bread. Don't forget your pocket knife!

Coffee Trip
(3 hours) 19.00 € per person

(2 or 3 hours) 11.00 € / 12.00 € per person

Reduced rates for children

Arrival and return travel possible with Deutsche Bahn

On the map

Neu-Lutterloh 3

29345 Unterlüß


Phone: +49 5827 1569

Fax: +49 5827 5097

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