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The Waack Grouped Housing

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The Solution to Housing Problems

The objectives of this integrated, group-style housing was that it should solve the living space problem, but at the same time be comfortable, inexpensive and contemporary. With this in mind, Otto Haesler tried to combine the construction of individual family homes with a two-story apartment block.

With this housing project, Otto Haesler decided on an individual family home form of living, basing it on the floor plan of the Rector's House which had recently been built at Sägemühlenstrasse 7. This comprised three living rooms, plus a kitchen and ancillary rooms on the ground floor, with four bedrooms and a bathroom on the floor above, connected by a staircase.

In all, 14 two-storey homes were built which provided either 140 m² or 180 m² of living space.

Today, the Waack Grouped Housing is protected as listed buildings.

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Schackstraße 5

29221 Celle


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