Experience nature the environmentally conscious way

The E-bike is the perfect way to utilise technology within the environment. It connects pedalling with pleasure, combines fun, exercise and comfort with ecological awareness. E-bikes support the natural pedal movement of cyclists and enable them to reach their destination within the town or in the region without too much effort.

You can hire two electrical bicycles from each of the following hotels: Am Braunen Hirsch, Caroline Mathilde, St. Georg und Fahrradhaus Jacoby.

The Tourist Information Office provides you with updated information as to where the E-bikes are available. They can also be reserved. The bikes can then be collected from the respective collection points. Collection points are not more than 7 walking-minutes from the Old Town.

The price for one E-bike per day is €20.00. Due to the restricted number of E-bikes at the hotels it is advisable to make a reservation. For logistical reasons, E-bikes cannot be delivered to you.