The oldest dated house in Celle

Gothic ornaments!

In Heilige Kreuz No. 26 stands the oldest dated half-timbered house of the Old Town.

Celles ältestes datiertes Haus

It was built as a saddle-roofed half-timbered house with a stepped gable protruding from each floor and ornamented in Gothic style.


  • 1526
    The house is built in its present form
  • 1634
    In possession of the brewer Curdt Gronhagen and Dorothea Catrina

  • 1652
    Transition to the son Andreas v. Dey, clothier and town lieutenant
  • 1694
    KThe „von Deyen House“ is bought by Joh. Friedr. Warnecke, brewer, councillor and proctor at the chancellery and manorial court
  • 1896-1972
    Butcher’s shop with butchery
  • 1962
    Large sections of the building are destroyed in a serious fire. Only the half-timbered annex, the stepped gable and parts of the half-timbered inner courtyard facade at the side remain intact
  • 1973
    The house is purchased by Mohammed Seyed Ghaleh who completely renovates it creating large open-plan rooms. The inner courtyard is opened up to the street
  • 1987
    Conversion into a shop selling modern furniture
  • 1997
    Conversion into a bookshop
  • 2005
    Conversion into a clothes shop selling young fashion. The inner courtyard is covered with a transparent steel and glass construction to extend sales space.

  • 2013
    Conversion into a shoe shop