Celle Cycle Tour No. 1

A wonderful bike tour along the River Aller and the forest area ‚Allerheide’ providing for a special nature experience. Visit the convent in Wienhausen, a magnificent example of north German Red Brick Gothic.

The tour starts at the Pfennigbrücke in Celle.

Along the ‚Dammaschwiesen’ cycle towards Altencelle.


Here the River Aller still flows in a natural landscape with wet meadows and pine forests. In this nature reserve rare bird species, some endangered, can be found such as the common snipe, the garganey and recently also the white stork. Species of dragonflies, among them the banded demoiselle and the extremely rare green hawker, have their habitat around small ponds and streams. On the extensively used meadows live some locust species such as the very rare large marsh grasshopper.

Very rare marsh and water plants, among them the grass rush and the pincer, grow along the waters and in the waters. This natural variety in the upper valley of the River Aller, so close to the town centre, is of immense importance for experiencing nature and for the recreation of the people of Celle.

After a short pedal along the district road No. 174 continue to Osterloh and Oppershausen. From there the route takes you along the B-road No. 311 to Bockelskamp and to Wienhausen.

Once in Lachendorf, turn left in the direction of Altencelle and cycle through the ‘Allerheide’ forest. Then return to Celle along the River Aller using the Aller cycle path. We recommend a visit to the Medicinal Plant Garden which displays a wealth of various medicinal plants. The ‘KräuThaer’ café on the compound is run by female students of the Albrecht Thaer School. Freshly baked delights following traditional recepies please the palate!

The route profile is mostly flat. The route mostly follows agricultural roads and paved roads. With the exception of some sections near Altencelle, Bockelskamp and Wienhausen and in the town of Celle itself, there is not much car and lorry traffic on the routes. 

Follow the main and also specific signposts along the route.

A 7, exit 50 Schwarmstedt, onto the B 214 direction of Schwarmstedt, Niendorf, Celle and Wietze, follow signposts to Celle.