Celle Cycle Tour No. 2

The first section of the tour runs past Hambühren and Oldau through the glacial valley of the River Aller, which offers sanctuary to a variety of animals and plants. From Südwinsen the route takes you via Wolthausen, Wittbeck and Hustedt through forest areas and past fields back to Celle.

Starting at the Celle railway station (P&R) follow the Nienburger Straße and behind the sport fields turn right onto a path. Follow the path through the forest until you reach Hambühren. Keep to the signpost ‘Aller-Radweg’ (Aller Cycle Path). In Hambühren you turn right again and then shortly afterwards left onto the ‘Winsener Weg’ still following the signpost ‘Aller-Radweg’. After 1.5 km you reach a road crossing where you turn right. Keep to the signposts and go along the River Aller. After passing the sewage works turn right into the ‘Schwarzer Weg’ and follow this until you reach the main road through Oldau where you turn right and then right again onto the ‘Ohlenhoff’. Whilst keeping to this lane, there is an opportunity for a little rest near the Oldau lock.

Then turn right from the ‘Ohlenhoff” and turn left into the ‘Oheweg’. Follow the ‘Aller-Radweg’ for ca. 2.6 km until you reach the road ‚Am Striefeld’ where you turn right following the street ‘Am Weinberg’. From there turn left and immediately right into the ‘Allerwinkel’. Carry on to the ‘Neuwinsener Straße’ in Südwinsen. Now you leave the ‘Aller-Radweg’ and cycle over the Aller bridge into the health resort of Winsen. From here you have the opportunity to return to Celle on board the passengerthe cycle signposts and go along the ‘Wolthäuser Straße’ through the forest to Wolthausen. Here you cross the B 3 (caution!) and keep to the right. Now follow the next lane again through the forest in the direction of Wittbeck. You cross the ‘Bruchbach’ and finally reach the village on the left-hand side.

From here the route follows the K 26 to Hustedt. In Hustedt you turn right into the ‘Felicitas-Rose-Straße’ leading to Groß Hehlen. In Groß Hehlen keep cycling straight along the K 27, past the regional fire fighters’ training school and the youth hostel, to Klein Hehlen. Cross the ‘Petersburgstraße’, and from ‘Bremer Weg’ head to the Biermannstraße after crossing the railway lines. From there turn right towards Celle’s railway station or the town centre.

Follow the main and also specific signposts along the route.

A 7, exit 50 Schwarmstedt, onto the B 214 direction of Schwarmstedt, Niendorf, Celle and Wietze, follow the signposts to Celle.