On the trail of the otter buck

Between Hermannsburg, Müden and Poitzen along the river Örtze with its forest trails and romantic paths runs the FlussWaldErlebnispfad. 

The 20 km-long trail is divided into several sections which families hiking can easily achieve: The short river trail (ca. 3 km) and the long river trail (ca. 7.5 km), the short forest trail (ca. 3.5 km) and the long forest trail (ca. 6.5 km): all are ideal for extended disvovery tours. Here one can measure how deep the water is and how fast it runs, look out for crawling creatures, follow the winding course of the river Örtze and learn that in the water the otter buck is on the loose …

The trail companions on a total of 40 stations are the „Forest Spirit of the forest trails“ and the spirit of the river trails is the legendary „otter buck” who with his shy appearance is restricted to the upper Örtze valley.

Suitable access sites for the short and the long river trails include the historical water mill in Müden (Örtze), for the short forest trail it is behind the youth hostel and for the long forest trail by the Örtze bridge in Hermannsburg, in the Baven section..

A leaflet and a detailed brochure about the FlussWaldErlebnispfad are available from the tourist offices in Müden (Örtze) and Hermannsburg.

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